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The exeQchick Network

We are a diverse group of ladies who have a passion for our purpose in life. As entrepreneurs, business women and workforce members, we believe in making the most of every moment and every opportunity.

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With many industries being male-dominated, exeQchick is committed to training women to be Business Queens who are prepared to excel in positions that have historically been filled by men only. Our training provides the skills, technical savvy and corporate sense that is needed to thrive in business.


During training and events, we encourage the women involved to create bonds in order to help each other develop further. We welcome opportunities to collaborate with other women’s networks and try to promote their events and endeavors as well. It’s about making each individual stronger by having stellar alliances.


This is not just a training stage. It’s not simply another network. The purpose of exeQchick is to make an impact in the lives of individuals so that they can become financially independent. Beyond that, we offer them a means by which they can pay it forward by investing in other queens so that they too can join the ranks of women who are economically empowered.


In order to help as many women as possible access our training courses, we have a scholarship program set up to cover or reduce the cost to class attendees. Your tax-deductible gift can help shift the future of a single parent or budding entrepreneur so that they can be in a position to help those next in line.

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